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Einfach Wunderbar! Espetacular | Amazing Street Performance (When I Was Your Man)

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Things That You Should Know Before Going To Everest Base Camp Trek Wherever you travel, you need to know about the pace that attracts you and the things you should know what to follow. Everest base camp trek is a popular trek that many people are doing. It is an outstanding adventure mountain journey in Nepal. Everest base camp offers a stunning view of massive Everest Himalaya, landscape, greenery, wildlife, valleys, tradition, religion, the culture of Sherpa people and much more in detail. This beautiful journey begins with a scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Right after landing at Lukla, the trek leads towards Phakding passing some Sherpa village with an amazing view. The Everest base camp trekking journey can be done in 12 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. It is 8 days average journey to the base camp with 2 extra days on the way up for altitude practice and another 3 long days trek to Lukla and fly back to Kathmandu. ...See more

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Ông Tàu nói dịch Covid-19 sẽ hết vào tháng 4. Ông WHO thì cho rằng dịch bệnh sẽ kéo dài hơn một năm. Còn ông Hương Cảng dự báo hơn 60% dân số toàn cầu sẽ bị lây nhiễm. Nghe bi quan quá.

Thôi thì trong lúc chờ tin tốt lành, phải ra sức vận động và tập luyện để tăng cường sức đề kháng trước đã.

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Letter to The President of the United States of America

20th May 2019

Dear Mr President,
The signatories of the letter would like to support you, President Trump, members of Congress and the people of the United States, in your ongoing actions relating to the trade between the United States and China.
We would like to thank the United States for the freedom of navigation operations carried out in recent years. We would welcome a greater presence of the United States and its allies in the Southeast Asia Sea.
We believe that these moves, by President Trump and the United States Congress to stop China’s expansionism and to re-balance trade between the United States and China, are correct, courageous and honourable.
Link to the letter:
List of signatories:

Sincerely yours,
Lê Trung Tĩnh
For and on behalf of the signatories

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