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Even until today, many days after visiting the area, I don't know whether there are more sheep or hills in the Lake District, a region in North West of England, covered with cloud flirting mountains mirroring on vast tranquil, limpid lakes.   Yes, there were hills that roll one after another once we left the M6 motorways to enter the LAKES peninsula. They began with green hills that become steeper and rockier when we went farther into the West side of the Lake District, near Wasdale. The roads became more winding, more up and down, and much narrower. We drove sometimes next to teh edge of cliffs that are tens of meters deep, or close to imposing rocky mountain surfaces. Far away were mountains and valleys, all covered with an eternal green colour of pine trees. And over there, among ranges of mountains, was a white line of waterfall flowing down, playing hide and seek with the deep forest, seemingly to be there well before we came and still there...See more

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Please be nice to opossums if you find them in your barns, garages or sheds. They are North America's only marsupial (pouched mammal) and they are ill-equipped for the snow. They have no fur on their feet, ears or tail, so are very susceptible to frost bite. Often when opossums are seen, they are ravaged by frostbite, so they are missing toes, missing part of their tails, and their ears are crumpled. They are beautiful, gentle animals and one of the few mammals that rarely, if ever, get rabies. Why? Because they have a normal body temperature that is below most other mammals. The rabies virus can't survive at this lower body temperature. A healthy opossum's normal reaction to the presence of a human is to stay still, open its mouth and drool. This is a normal reaction! Many people think these are symptoms of rabies in an opossum and that is not true! Opossums are not athletes. They can't run fast, jump well or climb well, so their only defense is to be very...See more

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Man coaxes nest of 6 cute baby bunnies out from his garden

Theo tui, câu comment hay nhất là câu của nick Washington Bear:

They hunt in packs, this was the last video he posted. R.I.P Ha ha ! laugh

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