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    • Lê Trung Tĩnh  Beautiful and marvellous photos remind us the beauty of our beloved country. Let us together present these to the world and travel with all the respect to the locals and the environment. Cheers! 01:31 31/08/2016
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    • TamluongHong  Ruộng bậc thang tuyệt đẹp chi co tai Việt Nam ? 12:09 24/11/2018
    • Fred Le  Hình quá đẹp. Của bác chụp? Cho tôi xin 1 tấm nhé? 20:45 03/06/2019
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    • Chau Tran Thi Diem  Ồ có con mèo phút 5:40 . 04:31 26/06/2020
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Chau Tran Thi Diem

10 Min · 

  summer song

Radost a úsměv jsou léto života.
Jean Paul

(1763 - 1825), vlastně Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, německý básník, publicista a pedagog

Die Freude und das Lächeln sind der Sommer des Lebens.
Jean Paul

(1763 - 1825), eigentlich Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, deutscher Dichter, Publizist und Pädagoge

The joy and the smile are the summer of life.
Jean Paul

(1763 - 1825), actually Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, German poet, publicist and educator

Martin Rak Photography

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

Martin Rak Photography

15. Februar 2013 · 

Olive Grove


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