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Geneva College is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor. Geneva College′s mission is student-focused, emphasizing Christ, comprehensive education, and service to God and neighbor. This is consistent with the college′s charter, bylaws and  Foundational Concepts of Christian Education , as well as Geneva′s historic motto,  Pro Christo et Patria  (For Christ and Country).   VISION STATEMENT Geneva College will inspire students to integrate faith in Christ into all aspects of life in the real world, and to serve faithfully within their callings for Christ and Country. CORE VALUES With Christ as King and under scripture, we: Serve with grace Pursue Godly wisdom Foster academic strength Engage culture faithfully Inspire vibrant...See more

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It is always a pleasure to read good things and share them quickly on Livenguide.

Just using Snip to and copy past it here:

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A well written article on net zero:

I learn lots of new things during this lock down. Hope we all go out of this equipped with new skills and knowledges to make the world a better place. Cheers.

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    • Chau Tran  Dankeschön Herr Dr Lê Trung Tĩnh  :) interessant 20:16 12/07/2020
    • Chau Tran  "It is hard for local authorities to make these commitments within regional borders as most of the emissions within their areas result from nationally dictated policies and networks. However, they can do much if they really put their minds to it in a way that brings the public along the journey with them."

      * Tim Chapman is a director at Arup and a member of the Environmental Industries Commission net zero task force. "
      20:18 12/07/2020
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We can participate more and more in free online public conferences like these. Please have a look and register if you'd like.

FREE WEBINAR: Infrastructure after Covid – what will it look like?

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The UK is one of the first countries in the world committed to zero contribution to the globe warming by 2050.

Bravo Net Zero 2050! However there is much to be done. This report below kind of suggests some recommendations to achieve that goal.


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There comes a time when Chinese money help to make Britain cleaner and more sustainable by building there nuclear power plants. And a time when ecologists and sustainability supporters lobby for more China's involvement in the UK. Who is left, who is right?

    • Subtract Multiply  "building 'there' nuclear power plants" 04:42 10/07/2020
      Lê Trung Tĩnh  I mean building nuclear power plants in the UK. Feeling ashamed now that a country that discovered steam engine now has to resort to China for help both financially and technically. 04:44 10/07/2020
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