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We've been to London yesterday, visiting the London Transport Museum. Very nice and visit worthy place. We strolled around London and had really a very good time.

One of the photos is a "tweet" of Winston Churchill. And a photo is of a Vietnamese restaurant.


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    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  Có tiệm "Chán cơm thèm phở" out -------không ? 14:24 28/10/2020
    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  Hay Tiệm Massage kiểu Thái "sống chung với bão" cho đa dạng hội nhập ^^ 14:28 28/10/2020
    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  Rầu quá phải ngầu thooi 14:28 28/10/2020
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    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  #respect 14:36 28/10/2020
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Every time I look into the eyes of a kid, I can't help thinking about the huge number of innocent children cold-bloodedly and inhumanly killed in the Nazi camps of concentration, in the Cambodian "killing fields", in the Rwandan ethnic cleansing, in the Bosnian war...

Why is man so devilishly and brutally cruel towards his fellows?

Homo homini lupus est (Latin proverb). Man is wolf to man.

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"America’s efforts to achieve racial equality as our society grows increasingly diverse have fueled an insidious reaction and intensifying polarization."

Just picked from the book "How Democracies die" page 12. Is it that bad?

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    • Tran Thi Diem Chau  20 -1 - 9 in Reality; 9 ---> from Chinavirus 9 dash line on South China Sea 16:16 19/09/2020
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My company asked me/us again whether we would llike to work from home or to go the office. Of course I chosed to work from home. It is so much more convenient and can save me from commuting time of more than 3 hours a day. I can work very OK at home, at least so far there is no significant sign of stress/melancholia. I spend less on train tickets and much less on foods for lunch. And most of all, I am safer from the virus. However just a bit deeper thought shows that life is that easy. Restaurants in Birmingham, where I used to go to work, all close now. BBC shows city center of Manchester without any one. No restaurant, no barber shop, no shopping. So who will pay the taxes and keep the economy running? And  no train services, very few cars on the road. So who will need to build any train lines, any development of infrastructures? And if there is no more need for those, who will need me/us to build or design anything? To some extent I think leaders like...See more

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Please be nice to opossums if you find them in your barns, garages or sheds. They are North America's only marsupial (pouched mammal) and they are ill-equipped for the snow. They have no fur on their feet, ears or tail, so are very susceptible to frost bite. Often when opossums are seen, they are ravaged by frostbite, so they are missing toes, missing part of their tails, and their ears are crumpled. They are beautiful, gentle animals and one of the few mammals that rarely, if ever, get rabies. Why? Because they have a normal body temperature that is below most other mammals. The rabies virus can't survive at this lower body temperature. A healthy opossum's normal reaction to the presence of a human is to stay still, open its mouth and drool. This is a normal reaction! Many people think these are symptoms of rabies in an opossum and that is not true! Opossums are not athletes. They can't run fast, jump well or climb well, so their only defense is to be very...See more

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