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The road to No 10 Downing Street is full of thorns and spikes.

“First among equals” by Jeffrey Archer is a story of four ambitious British politicians. It's a good story by a master storyteller.

Over three decades from the 1960s, those four MPs share the turbulent passions of the race for power with their wives and families, men and women caught up in a dramatic game for the highest stakes of all. But only one man can gain the ultimate goal - the office of Prime Minister. 

The characters are shown to interact with real life political figures including Churchill, Thatcher, Gaddafi and Queen Elizabeth.

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    • Lê Trung Tĩnh  Thank you bac Huy. It is interesting. A few months ago I saw a political series named Road Kill on BBC. The political life they show is very real and human, nothing to do with Uncle, our Leader the Great etc. like in countries like VN, China or North Korea. 14:38 16/05/2021
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Just found this interesting. NBS: Nature based solutions

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    • Viet Nam Christian  Education nữa TĨnh ơi, nhìn thấy hoành tráng muốn xỉu 13:32 15/05/2021
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